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This colorful store has some of the sexiest, most feminine outfits around, packed with bright, tight fashion, this shop has everything a young society girl needs to get through a season full of brunch dates and party hopping. Really, what's not to love about Flirt's Clothes? They're feminine and flirty and make a girl feel pretty and they also happend to be always in style .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Releases week 37

Count dress
While you're searching for your signature look, make sure to take notice of this dress, The blue and white pinstripes add a professional edge to your accordion ruffles. You can wear it everywhere and in every way - to work on the weekdays, out to lunch on the weekend, beneath a blazer in winter, and with bare arms in the warmer weather. You’ll be a star in everyone’s eyes when you don this fantastic dress, add sheer tights, pretty pumps, and your own glittering personality for an ensemble that will outshine the rest!

Elli dress
This is a whimsical incredibly adorable, retro, white and black, cocktail dress . Featuring a sweetheart bust and a tiered skirt, which is punctuated with varying sizes of polka dots, your fabulously fun times will no longer be held in suspense until you find the appropriate attire. You'll be absolutely ecstatic to sport this marvelously fun frock with patent pumps and a pearl necklace, and people will be able to spot your spunky style from a mile away!

Ruffle yoke outfit
This isn't just a beautiful Outfit - it's a style success! If you've set out to search out the perfect outfit, then consider your mission accomplished, because this dainty darling is ideal in every way. From collar ,ruffles on the bust, and a flared skirt come together to make this outfit a definite pick for a making a good first impression. Wear this piece with embellished leggings and casual flats for a look that’s in no way anything but awesome.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Release week 35

Foley mini dress
Your passion for fashion manifests itself in gorgeous garments such as this ravishing, ruffled frock. This dress is one of your most cherished pieces. You delight in this frock's fabulous fit, courtesy of strapless pink sheer fabric with a very feminine sequin bow with matching gloves, and the vertical ruffles skirt and its spritely features rivers of wide ruffles that move with the majesty of the rapids. In this dazzling dress, noir stilettos, and dramatic diamonds, it's apparent to admirers that you have no shortage of style!

Dubaki mini dress
Add this dress to your list of sweet things, and you’ve got it made! you'll look so awesome that you'll ruin the chic reputation of every other fashionista in town. Show you're a style mastermind by manipulating this elite number with a dramatic fascinator, a locket bracelet, diamond studs, and peep toe stilettos.